Top 10 Things to Do in Taipei, Taiwan

In each nation, there are many different places where tourists can enjoy the view of the destination and be surprised by those tourist attractions that they cannot see in their own nation. In Taipei too, there are many things that can give new experiences to each tourist who visit the capital city. Among the noteworthy modern skyscraper with 106 floors to be seen only in the capital city is Taipei 101. This very tall skyscraper has light effects, shopping, dining, and an observation deck where the whole city can be seen.

There is also a picturesque area with hiking and a volcano called Yangmingshan. Here, you can see for yourself hot springs and hiking trails. It is a perfect destination for adventure seekers. The National Palace Museum too is one of the tourist destination in the city where you can see different Chinese arts and artifacts. In fact, this museum is one of the museums that features the largest collections of Chinese art and artifacts in the world who use autocad. Ximending too is a tourist destination.

It is a shopping district and a historic site as well. There is also a famous memorial park with ponds and gardens. It is the Chiang Kai-shek  Memorial Hall. There are also Buddhist and Taoist temples in the city. Among them, the Lungshan Temple of Manka is a well-known and historic temple. If you want to do something at night, just proceed to the Shilin Night Market. Other places that you can visit include Shifen Waterfall, Taipei Zoo, Maokong, and Songshan Cultural and Creative Park.

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