Taipei Economic and Cultural Office

The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office is also known as Taipei Representative Office. There are many embassy in different parts of the world. This office is an alternative to an embassy. The main purpose of it is that it handles foreign affairs and citizen services of Taiwan. According to the terms, Taipei cannot establish an official embassy. This is the reason why only the representative offices were established. These offices that are in different countries around the world use the name of Taiwan’s capital city.

Taipei is used in order to avoid any difficulties for each host countries. The aim or mission of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office is “to promote bilateral trade, investment, culture, science and technology exchanges and cooperation, as well as better understanding”. These offices also issue visas and passports. And for this reason, these offices function as de facto embassies. In the United States, Australia, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, United Kingdom, and other nations, these offices were established and they enjoy many diplomatic privileges.

In terms of these privileges, these representative offices can enjoy extraterritoriality, they can provide consular protection, and the staffs who are working in these offices have diplomatic immunity. In fact, these privileges are being enjoyed by these offices in the United States. There are also many different foreign offices to be found in Taiwan especially in the capital city, Taipei. There is the American Institute and also Canadian Trade Office. All over the world, there are Taipei representative offices that were established.